BBs & Pellets

BBs & Pellets

Do you need help figuring out which BBs your airsoft gun needs? Here are a few guidelines to help:

  • Heavier BBs are recommended for more powerful airsoft guns to increase accuracy.
  • Metal gear AEGs should use .20 gram BBs or heavier, high polish, competition grade BBs.
  • Bolt action snipers should use .28 gram BBs or higher for higher accuracy.
  • Greater BB weight increases airsoft gun accuracy but lowers velocity.
  • Less expensive guns ($50 or less range) generally use .12 gram BBs
  • 0.20g BBs are an all-around good choice for the majority of airsoft guns that shoot in the 250-370 FPS range. They are also the most economical choice.
  • 0.25g BBs are normally more accurate than 0.20g BBs but they don't shoot quite as far. We recommend these for airsoft guns that shoot in the 350-425 FPS range.
  • 0.30g BBs are an excellent choice for Sniper Rifles that Chrono over 425 FPS. They perform much better over long distances and are less affected by wind due to the heavier weight.
  • Biodegradable BBs, also called Bio BBs, are a great green alternative for your airsoft gun. They are made out of a specially compressed biodegradable fiber and then coated with resin that breaks down when it is exposed to the elements. They are also available in a variety of weights!

Airsoft Station carries a massive variety of BBs available in multiple weights, compositions, and colors. There are a few basic guidelines players should follow when choosing BBs for their airsoft gun but should be used only as a reference point until you find what is best for you.

Electric airsoft rifles that have metal gearboxes should use at least 0.20g BBs for increased range and accuracy with less risk of BBs breaking apart within the AEG. Heavier weighted BBs (0.25g - 0.30g) are recommended for high-velocity rifles and bolt action sniper rifles. BBs heavier than 0.30g should only be used in high-powered gas guns or sniper rifles, as they prove to be most effective.

Although heavier BBs reduce your overall FPS, your accuracy greatly increases. Low-powered airsoft guns and airsoft guns on the cheaper side (less than $50) generally use 0.12g BBs to achieve similar performance as higher-powered guns. Large sizes and bulk deals are available for players who want to stock up and avoid future shipping costs, perfect for any budget.

Biodegradable BBs are readily available and are an environmentally friendly option when it comes to outdoor warfare. Bio BBs are made from a specially compressed biodegradable fiber which is heat coated in resin, naturally breaking down over time when exposed to natural elements. It's always important to check the rules and regulations of each airsoftevent you attend, as some places require all players to use biodegradable BBs.

Multiple colors are available for all BB weights, providing improved visibility in all light conditions and environments. We also carry BBs that are compatible with tracer units that illuminate either green or red at night or dark areas. BBs that come in a resealable bottle are perfect for quickly loading speed loaders and magazines, while a bag may prove easier to store for some.

Being caught out on the battlefield without ammo can only result in a quick elimination, so stock up on everything you need for those extended skirmishes and pick yourself up to your preferred choice for BBs from Airsoft Station.

Airsoft Bullets BBs & Pellets

Shop with us for the best shooting supplies that you can find on the market. Airsoft pellets and BBs are a required purchase periodically, and you should always buy the best BBs & Pellets on the market. Buying quality BBs & Pellets will make your sports use of your Airsoft guns far more enjoyable and injury-free. You will also be far less likely to suffer eye injuries or need an outpatient clinic visit if you are using proper ammunition in your Airsoft guns.

Always invest in good airsoft goggles and face masks to prevent accidental eye injury from projectiles. Even if you are shooting at a target, you will want to protect your face and eyes from being injured. Every study shows that proper safety gear improves your shooting experience and prevents negative outcomes related to visual impairment. While rare, Airsoft weapons can lead to ophthalmology visits and eye hemorrhage as well as a host of other facial injuries.

Case reports related to eye and face injuries are often related to significant corneal injuries like corneal erosion, or other types of accidental harm that can lead to surgery or deformity. Safety gear that is made with Airsoft activities in mind is the best preventative measure to have in place during Airsoft skirmishes and target practice. Your physician or eye doctor will thank you and you will be glad to find that there are so many face masks and goggles that are made of comfortable materials that are Anti-fog and lightweight. You don't have to be uncomfortable while you are observing proper safety protocol.

The weight and diameter of projectiles are often tailored to specific Airsoft gun styles or models, and we sell every kind of projectile that you can imagine or that you might need to buy. Whether you are looking for paintball items or regular Airsoft ammo for professional shooters in your home, you can buy them from our site. Always be sure to use heavier grade shots well away from glass and other materials that might break and cause harm to others around you.

Precision ammunition is made with sniper-type rifles in mind while pellets are designed for Airsoft shotguns and other styles of weapon that are not meant for focused target practice. Any grade ammo that you buy from our site will be perfect for target shooting or for use in field skirmishes. Buying the right Airsoft ammunition is important for a superior shooting experience as well as the safe operation of your Airsoft gear.

Our products are made with various levels of usage in mind, so you can buy ammo that is perfect for target perforation, or you might want ammo that is not as aggressive for use during skirmishes. No matter what venue you are going to use your Airsoft guns at, and no matter what segment of the Airsoft market you belong to, there are the perfect BBs or pellets for your needs on our site.

There is a product on our site for every need and all of the kinds of ammo that we sell are backed by a promise that you will be able to use them without the unnecessary risk of an accident.