Airsoft Safety

What should I wear while playing airsoft?
Airsoft Station suggests that eye protection be worn at ALL TIMES in order to prevent injury to your eyes. As you play at your own risk, please play safely! The consumer or purchaser releases Airsoft Station of all liability, regarding use of the product or otherwise, by agreeing to the terms at checkout and by successfully submitting/placing an order online or over the phone.

What are my buyer responsibilities?
The buyer/consumer who purchases from Airsoft Station is responsible for informing themselves of all local and state laws. Additionally any person whom purchases from our website is responsible for reviewing and accepting all terms and conditions set forth on AirsoftStation.com. Once your order online or phone order is completed, the customer releases Airsoft Station of all liability related to acknowledgment of terms and conditions, return policies, and product use liability. The consumer is also responsible for reviewing and informing themselves of all product warranty terms and exclusions to such terms.

Why does my gun have an orange tip?
All airsoft guns are required to have the tip of the barrel permanently colored in orange by Federal Law. Any person who changes, alters, removes, or obliterates any coloration or markings that are required by any applicable state or federal law or regulation, for any imitation firearm (replica firearm), or device in any way that makes the imitation firearm (replica firearm) or device look more like a firearm is guilty of violating the state or federal law. Removal of the orange tip immediately voids your product warranty!

Is airsoft legal where I live? Airsoft is legal in most places in the U.S. but there are restrictions in certain areas. It is your responsibility to know and follow any local laws governing the use of airsoft guns.



This depends on the FPS of the gun and the density of the glass. A spring-powered gun that shoots at a low FPS, for example, likely won't break durable glass. However, it may shatter thin glass. On the other hand, an AEG that shoots at 400+ FPS may very well break thicker glass. We recommend extreme caution when shooting around glass as that may cause fragments to ricochet back in your direction. Always wear adequate eye protection when operating an airsoft gun.


Airsoft guns do not fire metal BBs. They fire plastic BBs which make them safer for recreational use. BB guns, which are often confused for airsoft guns, fire metal BBs and is often used for training, target practice, and pest control.


Here at AirsoftStation.com we have a massive selection of airsoft guns of varying styles and types. Every gun type has a different role to play. Thus your choice will dramatically impact your playing style.


Spring-powered guns are often the choice for beginners. They must be cocked into place after every shot, but they tend to be durable and dependable due to the lack of moving parts that make up the gun. Many high-power airsoft sniper rifles are also spring powered.


AEG (Auto Electric Guns) are powered by a battery and can typically fire in semi and full auto mode. AEG's in full auto mode will continually fire as long as you hold down the trigger (and for as long as your ammo holds out). AEG's are often the most popular airsoft gun type.


Instead of spring or battery power, some guns rely on gas power. Gas and CO2 powered guns are most popular with pistols, but gas powered rifles are also available for use. Many higher-end CO2 pistols have a "blowback" feature that adds an extra dimension of realism when operating the gun.

There are many factors at play when it comes to the type of airsoft gun you should choose. Check out our buyers guide to help you make the right choice.


The type of pistol you should get often comes down to your level (beginner, intermediate, pro) and your budget. Cheap spring-powered pistols are great for beginners who have a small budget. The next level up is gas powered pistols. Gas powered pistols can fire at a much higher FPS than spring-powered pistols and are often the gun of choice for most players who decide to carry a secondary. The most common gas types for pistols are red gas, green gas, and CO2. Which one you choose comes down to preference. You can learn more about airsoft pistols here.


Airsoft first originated in Japan in the early 1980s. This was during post-WWII where private citizens were restricted from owning real firearms. However, the restrictions never forbade the ownership of replica firearms. As a result, airsoft guns were openly sold in Japanese shops. After airsoft guns become popularized in Japan, other countries were introduced to airsoft through exportation. As a result airsoft guns became popular in a number of countries that include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, the Philippines, the UK, Europe, and North America. You can learn more about the history of airsoft here.


Airsoft is typically played by airsoft enthusiasts. However, airsoft guns and fields have been used by SWAT teams, military units, and other special forces units for training purposes.


Airsoft guns and BB guns are actually quite different from one another. These differences include:

  • Ammunition
  • How they're used
  • Realism
  • Performance/Power
  • Accuracy
  • Cost


Airsoft guns are generally safe to use as long as proper safety protocols are observed. Eye protection is always a must, but you can also wear vests, gloves, and knee/elbow pads for added protection. Check your local laws governing the use and transportation of airsoft guns to ensure you're not violating any laws.


All airsoft guns in Australia are restricted to use by government agencies for training purposes only. See our international shipping restrictions and policies for more details.


Airsoft guns are legal in Canada. However, guns must be 367 - 500 FPS with .20g BBs OR be constructed from translucent plastic. See our international shipping restrictions and policies for more details.


Airsoft guns are legal in the United Kingdom. However, a few restrictions apply. According to our international shipping restrictions and policies "unrealistic imitation firearms (IF's) must have their principle color as transparent, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright blue, bright green, bright pink, or bright purple or have dimensions of no more than a height of 38 millimeters and a length of 70 millimeters (as defined in the Home Office regulations for the VCRA). UKARA required for non-brightly marked airsoft guns."

Are airsoft guns toys?

There is a massive selection of airsoft guns out there that range in price and quality. Where some guns are made from cheap plastic material that appear toy like, others are made from higher quality material (such as metal) and appear realistic. With that being said, some people call airsoft guns toys while others liken them to actual weapons, therefore the definition of what an airsoft gun is can change depending on whom you ask. No matter what type of airsoft gun you choose you should always take into account safety and legal considerations.


Just like real firearms, high-quality airsoft guns often go through a complicated manufacturing process before being assembled and sold to the general public. This process typically involves manufacturing, quality control checks, sub-assembly, and actual assembly. Many parts are hand assembled while others rely upon machine assembly for precision. Once the gun has been fully assembled it is sent off to a distributor and then sold to the public.


All Airsoft guns fire BBs though air compression. However, there are various ways airsoft guns can function. Airsoft guns can be spring, electric, or gas powered. Each gun type has its pros and cons. To get more details, we have a guide that'll help you get started.

Can I use my airsoft gun for small game hunting?

You’ll probably want to avoid using airsoft guns for small game hunting, as airsoft BBs are small and plastic unlike bullets from a typical firearm or pellet gun. Airsoft BBs typically do not have the force needed to kill small game such as ducks, rabbits, and quails and the animals will likely just be injured after being shot with an airsoft BB. Test your aim with an airsoft gun on a tin can or other target, or play with it on an airsoft field instead.

What is the maximum speed airsoft guns can fire?

First and foremost, before digging into speeds, what is important to remember when it comes to the speed of airsoft guns is that a faster feet per second (FPS) does not always equal a better gun. It is typically thought that pistols with less power offer greater accuracy, so just because a gun has a higher FPS, that does not automatically make it a better choice. As you might expect, the speed at which different airsoft guns fire varies greatly. Sniper rifles and other top-tier airsoft guns can fire around 550 FPS, whereas the minimum firing speed is approximately 180 FPS. Typical airsoft pistols come with a speed between 200 and 300 FPS. Simply stated, FPS will vary between 180 and 550. Note that there may be limits on FPS depending on where you’re using your gun. In North America, most indoor fields allow a maximum of 350 FPS and outdoor limits are typically capped around 500 FPS for safety reasons.

What is the maximum range I can get from an airsoft gun?

Just like speed, the range of airsoft guns varies, too. Pistols, which normally have a slower FPS but more accuracy, have a shorter range that is more around 160 feet. Rifles, which normally have higher FPS but lower accuracy, offer a range of over 300 feet. The maximum range you’ll find in an airsoft gun is approximately 400 feet, but you won’t find this that often and most ranges will be in between 150 and 325 feet.

What are the components of an airsoft gun?

The components of airsoft guns also vary depending on the type of gun, but in general they will be a lot like the comparable real firearms would. In other words, an airsoft pistol will generally have the same components of a real pistol, such as a flashlight, lasers, a metal slide, and an on/off switch. An airsoft rifle, on the other hand, will likely have a detachable magazine that can hold multiple rounds, a sling, a hop-up, and a speedloader. An automatic electric gun (AEG) comes with a piston head that is mounted on the body of the piston, and most AEGs also feature an anti-reversal latch that limit the gears from turning in more than one direction.

Are airsoft guns pricey?

The good news for prospective airsoft gun buyers is that consumers can find reliable ones even if they are on budgets. Of course, airsoft guns with all of the “bells and whistles” will cost more and are the guns advertised most of the time, but you can find a reliable airsoft gun for under $100. Various places also sell them for around $20 - that’s right, $20! While less expensive guns may be wallet-friendly, they normally won't offer users a high range and substantial FPS, but depending on what it’s needed for, that might not be an issue at all. The more expensive airsoft guns can cost into the hundreds, but these come with various features that cheaper guns don’t offer and may last longer. Ultimately, users who are not looking to win awards and play games with airsoft experts should be able to find a reasonably-priced airsoft gun that won’t break the bank and will serve its needs. It really depends on the experience level of the user and the seriousness/intensity of the game.

What safety measures are put into place for airsoft guns?

Safety is critical when handling any sort of gun - even an airsoft one. While they may utilize plastic BBs and not lead or another metal, they can still cause injuries and damage. It is important to remember these safety guidelines when it comes to airsoft gun ownership and usage:

  • 1. Cover up. This includes clothing your entire body, including your legs and arms. Wear the required safety equipment. Cover your eyes with protective eyewear and wear a mask and helmet at all times.
  • 2. Practice safe handling. Do not blind shoot on the field and, as with a real firearm, always point your airsoft gun in a safe direction when you are not shooting it. Unload/disarm your airsoft gun when it is not in use.
  • 3. Keep children away from your airsoft guns when they are not in use, and if kids are playing with the guns, be sure to supervise them.
  • 4. Play with your airsoft gun away from other people who could interfere and get injured.
  • 5. Take care of your airsoft gun. Clean the barrel after usage and regularly clean the body of it.
  • 6. If an opponent surrenders during an airsoft “battle,” cease shooting.

What is the right airsoft gun for me?

Again, the airsoft gun you should buy depends on your desired features and needs. If you’re starting out with airsoft and just want to get experience with an airsoft gun, the fanciest model probably isn’t necessary. Spring-powered pistols are a good place to start for airsoft newbies, as they are pretty basic and do not require much expertise. If you want to move up a step, you may want to try out a gas-powered pistol. These normally feature a higher FPS and are a good choice for an intermediate shooter. Advanced and professional airsoft players normally have a variety of different airsoft guns, ranging from spring-powered pistols like the Galaxy G1 Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol to the H&K UMP Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle. More intricate fields and intense games may require different airsoft guns, so make sure you know which game(s) you want to play before purchasing one. As we have mentioned, it is also important to check your local laws regarding airsoft guns, as some states and countries have rules limiting (or prohibiting) certain airsoft guns. In short, an airsoft pistol will typically be sufficient for target practice and amateur games, but if you’re planning on becoming a professional or playing with the pros, you may need a more intense rifle with a higher FPS and range.

Can I use an airsoft gun for self-defense?

Another common question we are asked is if airsoft guns are able to be used as self-defense, and the answer is yes. First, although airsoft guns come with an orange tip at the end of the barrel, many people are unaware of it and might mistake it for a real firearm. This may scare them away or deter them from harming you. While an airsoft gun is not able to exert the amount of damage as a regular firearm, if you need to protect yourself, it could be your best option. Note that if you’re looking for an airsoft gun to use as self-defense, you may want to stay away from spring-powered ones because you would have to keep firing, therefore wasting time you may not have.


What are your hours of operation?
Our customer service hours of operation are Monday through Friday 12pm to 5pm CST for phones and 10am-5pm CST for emails. We are closed on all major holidays and weekends.

How do I contact customer service?
You may contact customer service for general inquiries by phone at 651-493-1928. We can also be reached via email at using the form found here.

Please have all order information/product information available before contacting our support team for assistance.

How do I directly contact an Airsoft Station technician? You may email our technicians by navigating to our contact form and selecting Technical Support as the reason for contact.

When will my email be answered?
You may contact Customer Service through email at support@airsoftstation.com. We check and answer our emails throughout the day. Emails will generally be answered within 24 hours of receipt. However, emails received over the weekend or on a holiday will be answered the next business day. Most emails will be answered the same day that they were received, however, high volume in calls/emails may delay response time.


Do you have a retail store?
There are currently two Airsoft Station retail store locations in Saint Paul, MN and Chicago, IL.

Are the prices the same in store as they are online?
No, the prices in our stores are not necessarily the same as what is advertised online.

Are all the items offered online available at the store location?
No, they are not. While we do carry most of the items offered online at our store location, some items are located at a different warehouse. You can usually see which items are available online and not in store because it states on the product page that an item is "Online Only".


All returns require an RMA #. To obtain an RMA # contact us by using the RMA form found here. You must submit the RMA request within the warranty or return period for your product.

Removal of the federally mandated orange tip on any airsoft gun voids all warranties and possibilities of return. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Does every gun have the same warranty?
No, they do not. The warranty of each specific gun will be located below the name of the item on the item's webpage. Please refer to our current Return Policy for more information.

Can I return parts?
All sales are final on parts.

What about tactical gear/clothing?
Tactical Gear and Clothing can be returned for a refund as long as the items are returned in brand new, unused condition, with all original tags and packaging. Garments that show any signs of wear will not be accepted under any circumstance and can be returned to the buyer at the buyer's expense.

What if I drop my gun and it breaks?
Due to the nature of airsoft products, warranties cover internals only. External damage to airsoft guns is not covered.

What about shipping charges, do I get a refund on those? Shipping charges are non-refundable. Returned orders which received free shipping will receive a refund less the original shipping cost.

Do I have to pay to return my item?
Return shipping costs: We will cover return shipping costs on items which are reported as defective within the time period specified in our return policy. After that the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. We can offer a discounted UPS electronic return shipping label upon request. In cases where an item is returned under warranty, we cover the cost to return the repaired or replacement item to you. Return shipping is not covered for international orders.

If I take my gun apart, is the warranty still in place?
It is not. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair any items, doing so will void all warranties. Attempts to change the appearance or function of any item you purchased from us will void the warranty and your right to return the product.

How long will it take to process my exchange/refund?
All exchanges and refunds will be processed within 2 weeks from the moment we receive all the item(s) back. If an exchange item is out of stock you wll be notified of a back order via email.


Can I cancel my order? Yes, we can attempt to cancel your order. You can contact us at support@airsoftstation.com or call us at 877-278-6071. Please provide your order number and the name on the order as well as the word CANCEL as the email subject. We can cancel any order that has not been processed. If the order has been processed there is no guarantee that we can cancel the order.


Where do you ship from?
Most orders ship out of our warehouse located in Oakdale, MN. Some orders will ship out of one of our fulfillment centers located in Ohio and California. This means that some orders may be split depending on which items are ordered.

How much does shipping cost?
Our shipping rates are based on the weight of the items in your order.To calculate the exact shipping cost of your order simply add the items you're interested to your shopping cart and update to the desired quantities. At the bottom of the shopping cart page there is a shipping calculator. Simply enter your State and Zip code and then click the apply button to see your shipping cost.

What if I want to ship to an address other than my verified billing address?
Orders shipped to an address other than the verified credit card billing address may require additional verification before they can be approved for shipping. We will send an email notifying you of information needed in that case. This may delay processing and next day shipping. We recommend that you ship directly to the address where you receive your credit card statements or verified PayPal address (if checking out with PayPal).

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Most orders will arrive within 3-6 business days. This depends on when you place the order and the items that you purchase. Remember, we only ship on business days, this means Monday-Friday. If a major holiday falls on a Monday-Friday your order will be processed on the next business day. Also, some items are specialty orders which will be stated on the item's web page. Those item's have a longer ship time. Order volume also plays a role in the shipping time. If we receive a high volume of orders some orders might not ship out that same day. However, if the shipping method chosen is an expedited shipment method we will ensure that those orders get shipped out on time. During the holiday season we do have a "Cut-Off Date Calendar". This will show you when orders need to be placed in order to arrive on time for Christmas.

My order status is Awaiting Fulfillment, what does that mean?
This means that your order has been received and we are processing it for shipping.

Item Availability:
In stock items will be marked as "IN STOCK" Items marked otherwise are not in stock or are special order items which take longer to ship out.

Most of the time in-stock orders will ship out the next business day but it may take up to three business days before an in stock order ships out.

Pre-Order items are expected to arrive at our warehouse within 2 weeks. This timeline is usually accurate but delays can occur so this is not guaranteed.

Shipping Companies:
All orders will ship via one of the following shipping companies: UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Although UPS rates are shown, we may choose to ship with a different carrier that will deliver within the same timeframe as the selected shipping method.

Shipping Rates:
Our shipping rates are based on the weight of the items in your order. To calculate the exact shipping cost of your order simply add the items you're interested in to your shopping cart and update to the desired quantities. At the bottom of the shopping cart page there is a shipping calculator. Simply enter your State and Zip code and then click the apply button to see your shipping cost.

What if I write the wrong address and don't realize it until it's been shipped? Orders that are refused or undeliverable as addressed will be charged shipping both ways, as well as any additional fees charged by the delivery company. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What should I do if my items arrive damaged/defective?
We apologize for this inconvenience! The manufacturers, distributors, UPS and other 3rd party's mistakes are outside of our control. However, Airsoft Station would be happy to make things right. Please log into your account to request a return and report a damaged or defective item. We will get back to you within 1 business day.


Ordering from Airsoftstation.com is simple and secure. Add items to cart, sign up for an account or check out as a guest, select your ship to address, shipping method, payment info, review cart and confirm order.

What are "Preorder" items?
Pre Order items are not in stock but can be reserved by placing an order and paying for it. Upon arrival,we ship out reserved orders first in the order they were received.

Can I make changes to the order I just placed?
Changes can be made before your order is sent out. please call us at 877-278-6071 to check order status

Can I change the delivery address after I place an order?
If your order is dispatched via UPS, it's easy - use UPS My Choice to register yourself and update your address!
If your order hasn't been shipped yet, we may be able to update your address. Please contact us.

Will my order ship the same day it is placed? Do you have a cut off time for order processing?
There is a possibility of same day shipping for orders placed before 12pm CST (this is not guaranteed though). Most orders ship out the following business day.

How can I pay?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Payment options are selected at checkout. If you check out with PayPal the payment will be sent to "Mayer Enterprises LLC."

Credit cards are charged at the time of checkout.

The charge on your credit card statement will appear as AIRSOFT STATION or AIRSOFTSTAT.

Is a PayPal account required to check out?
No, PayPal is a payment option but you can also use a credit card. On the PayPal checkout page you will have the option of paying with a PayPal account or a debit/credit card.

Will my order ship the same day it is placed?
It will most likely ship out the next business day. There is a possibility of same day shipping for orders placed before 12pm CST (this is not guaranteed though).

I prefer to send in a mail order. Do you accept mail orders? Yes, to send a payment via mail please call us at 651-493-1928 to place your order, we will then give you instructions for how to complete the order.

Can I ship to an address that is different from my billing?
Orders shipped to an address other than the verified credit card billing address may require additional verification before they can be approved for shipping. We will send an email notifying you of information needed in that case. This may delay processing and next day shipping. We recommend that you ship directly to the address where you receive your credit card statements.


Which countries do you ship to?
We currently ship to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Can you ship all of your items to my country?
It is up to you to know what the policy is in your country regarding airsoft guns.

Will my international order ship right away? Sometimes, but this is not guaranteed. Due to additional paperwork and product sourcing it can take up to 1 week to process your order and then get it shipped out. Once it ships, tracking information will be updated.

Are there any additional fees?
Our shipping rates do not include VAT tax and other import fees that may be charged by the destination country's customs. We do not cover these fees and it is the customer's responsibility to pay them if they are required.


Why is Airsoftstation.com the best website to buy airsoft guns?
Airsoftstation.com is the best choice for airsoft guns and accessories today. We know what our customers need because we are airsoft enthusiasts ourselves. Our team’s foundation is built on elite, customer oriented Airsofters. We innovate new products on a regular basis and we’re always looking for better ways to serve our clientele. We sell only the best products sourced from manufacturers in the United States and abroad. This allows us to offer the widest selection of top-quality products online at the best prices. Our dedication to the sport, the community, and our customers is second to none.


What services does Airsoft Station offer?
Airsoft Station technicians can do upgrades and repairs on metal gearbox guns and sniper rifles. If you would like an estimate on the cost of a repair/upgrade email: techsupport@airsoftstation.com. Please include what type of gun you have, what you need done, and a phone number we can reach you at.


Do you have a retail store?
Yes, our retail store is located at this address: 1330 Helmo Ave N. Oakdale, MN 55128

Are the prices the same in store as they are online?
No, the prices will not be the same.

Are all the items offered online available at the store location?
No, they are not. While we do carry most of the items offered online at our store location, some items are located at a different warehouse. You can usually see which items are available online and not in store because it states on the product page that an item is "Online Only".


Do you offer wholesale accounts? Yes, we have a dealer program which offers wholesale pricing. To sign up, visit the link found here.