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International Shipping Policies:

The following information is in addition, or or in part supercedes, Airsoft Station's Returns, Exchanges, Warranty, & Payment Policies as well as our Shipping Information Policies. Please read carefully before proceeding with any international order as these policies are strictly enforced. If any stated or implied policies conflict, the policies outlined in this document take precedence. 

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  • If a shipment is deemed as not deliverable and returned to us, the additional return shipping fees charged to us by the shipping company will be deducted from the amount we are able to refund.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to research any local restrictions concerning the products being purchased.
  • We will provide proof of shipping in the form of a tracking number.
  • The buyer assumes all responsibility for the shipment once it has left our warehouse.
  • We will not be held responsible for shipments seized by any country's customs and are not eligible for any refunds.
  • By purchasing products from you agree that you are responsible for any and all additional fees related to, but not limited to, import taxes, tariffs, VAT, etc.
  • Any package(s) with tracking stating the item was delivered as addressed shall be assumed to be properly handled and delivered by whatever carrier service was last in possession of it.
  • Any lost or missing package claims where tracking states that the package was delivered must be handled by the customer and their local carrier service(s). 
  • International return shipping costs, including any import/export fees, are the responsibility of the customer. 
  • Airsoft Station reserves the right to apply restocking or depreciation fees on any returned items or orders.

International Shipping Restrictions: 

If your country is not listed below, then there are no special restrictions for shipping airsoft guns to your country that we are aware of. However, we still recommend checking with your local authorities before placing your order as import laws are subject to change. Airsoft Station will not be held responsible for delays or confiscations by customs or law enforcement due to non-compliant products being ordered and shipped outside of the US. 

This table is FOR REFERENCE ONLY and shall not be used in contradiction to any applicable laws from any entity in which they may apply. Laws are also subject to change and those changes may not be reflected on this sheet. Airsoft Station does not provide any state or country compliant marking services such as painting, taping, or branding products such that they may require by local, city, state, region, county, country, or otherwise law. It is the purchaser's responsibility to know any and all applicable laws. By placing an order you also agree that you are able to legally import and posses any and all products in your order. 

Country Product Restrictions Restrictions Description Permit Required All Guns Restricted Accessories Restricted
Australia Yes All airsoft guns are restricted to permitted government agencies only for the purposes of training  Yes; Government purchases only. Yes No
Argentina No Import, sale and manufacture of replica guns requires a permit by federal law 26.216 Yes
Permit by federal law 26.216 required
No No
Armenia Yes Guns with muzzle velocity > 568 FPS restricted No No No
Belgium Yes

If a weapon is shorter than 60 cm, or has a barrel shorter than 30 cm and shoots 7.5 joules of energy (0.20g pellet travelling at 273.9 m/s or 898.5 ft/s) or above (measured 2.5 meters from the muzzle), it is classified as a firearm and needs registration.

Commercial sales/imports/exports may only be done by licensed firearms dealers.

The use of gun-mounted lasers or night-vision scopes/sights is illegal for civilians.

Biodegradeable BBs only.

Yes No Yes
Brazil Yes Any weapon or accessory of weapon to must have an application of CII (International Import Certificate) to the Brazilian Army containing the data of the equipment that wants to import, location of the airport or port of departure in the country of foreigner and in the national arrival, store and buyer data and product values. Yes
Application of CII (International Import Certificate) required
Yes Yes
Bulgaria No Import permit and license is required. Yes
Import permit and license is required.
No No
Canada Yes

Guns must be 367-500 FPS with 0.20g BBs OR be constructed from translucent plastic. Minimum of 472 FPS with a 0.12g BB. 

10-20 days expected shipping time. No shipments to PO Boxes.

No No No
Chile No   No No No
China Yes According to the "Identification Standards of Imitation Guns" (仿真枪认定标准) dictated by the Ministry of Public Security (the central coordinating agency of the Chinese police system) in 2008, a replica ("imitation") gun is recognized according to any one of the following criteria:

Fulfils the firearm component parts stipulated by the Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of Guns, and shoots pellets of metal or other materials that has a muzzle-ratio kinetic energy (Chinese: 枪口比动能, the muzzle energy of a projectile divided by the internal/bore cross sectional area of the barrel that fired it) less than 1.8 J/cm2 and greater than 0.16 J/cm2 (equivalent to a single 0.20 gram, 6 mm airsoft pellet shot out at a muzzle velocity of 21.3 ~ 71.3 m/s or 70 ~ 234 fps, or kinetic energy of 0.045 ~ 0.51 J); Has external features of a firearm, as well as barrel, trigger, receiver or action mechanisms that are either materially or functionally similar to a service firearm; Has same or similar shape and color, as well as a size between 50 ~ 100% (later amended to "50 ~ 200 %" in 2011) of the corresponding real service firearm. If a replica exceeds any single criterion, it will no longer be categorized as a replica/toy gun, but rather considered a real weapon, and therefore illegal to purchase and possess
Yes No No
Croatia No Rules vary based on Croatian Airsoft Federation classifications No No No
Czech Republic Yes Specific gun accessories like night vision or a laser No No Yes
Denmark No   No No No
Egypt Yes Civilians Cannot import or order Airsoft Weapons

Government Purchases only.

No No
Estonia No   No No No
Finland No   No No No
France Yes 464 FPS with 0.20g BBs restricted. Laser vision and/or night visors are prohibited."}">Guns with muzzle velocity >464 FPS with 0.20g BBs restricted. Laser vision and/or night visors are prohibited. No No Yes
Germany Yes Guns need a special marking, the so-called "F in a pentagon" and have to be not able to shoot fully automatically, otherwise they are illegal to possess. The possession of lamps or lasers meant for (Airsoft) guns requires a permission, a violation constitutes an offense. No No Yes
Greece No   No No No
Hong Kong Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >2 Joules or 500 FPS with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
Iceland Yes Permit to carry any gun, airsoft or otherwise, required. All automatic guns are illegal regardless of if they're airsoft or not Yes Yes No
Indonesia No   No No No
India Yes All Guns restricted & seized by customs Yes Yes Yes
Ireland Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >1 Joules with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
Israel Yes Import, manufacture and sale allowed by licensed retailers only Yes
Licensed Retailers only
No No
Italy Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >328 FPS with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
Japan Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >0.988 Joules with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
Kuwait No   No No No
Lithuania Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >2.5 Joules with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
Macau Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >2 Joules with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
Malaysia Yes Import for Government use only Yes
Government purchases only.
Yes No
Malta No   No No No
Mexico Yes Gas Blow Back Airsoft replicas or other replicas powered by a compressed gas and its parts requires permit from Ministry of National Defense. Spring and Piston powered Airsoft guns are not subject to an import permit. Many airsoft guns may be subject to search and seizure by customs Yes
Permit from Ministry of National Defense required.
No No
Netherlands Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >3.5 Joules with 0.20g BBs restricted. NABV or Dutch Airsoft Association registration # required. In order to obtain membership with the NABV a person must pass a police background check and must not have committed any crimes in the last 8 years. Dutch Airsoft Sport Association imposes FPS restrictions as follows: Skirmish limits are 500 fps for Bolt action snipers or 2 second delay DMR, 450 fps for DMR without delay or 360 for any other Airsoftgun. Laser vision and/or night visors are prohibited.


NABV permit required.

No Yes
New Zealand Yes Permit obtained from NZ Police required. Fully-automatic airsoft guns are restricted

Permit from NZ Police required.

Yes No
Nigeria Yes All Guns restricted & seized by customs Yes Yes Yes
Norway Yes Importer must obtain import permit for air guns and pistols with a caliber of 4.5 mm or more, crossbows, or pellet guns.

Airsoft guns & paintball markers are exempt from requiring a permit to import.
Yes; for pellet guns and crossbows.

No; for airsoft guns only.
No No
Pakistan Yes Consignee must provide N.O.C. from Ministry of Interiors, along with National Tax Number and Certificate of Sales Tax. Yes No No
Philippines Yes The import, sale and public display of gun replicas is banned Yes Yes No
Poland No   No No No
Portugal Yes Owner must be a member of an APD - Sport Promotion Association. In addition, Airsoft guns have to be painted either in fluorescent yellow or fluorescent red and be in compliance with the following criteria:
Long guns (≥ 60 cm)- 10 cm from the barrel tip and 100% of the stock.
Short guns (≤ 60 cm)- 5 cm from the barrel tip and 100% of the grip.

Guns with muzzle velocity >1.3 Joules with 0.20g BBs restricted. 


ADP permit number required

No No
Puerto Rico Yes Shipments must not contain nitro or compressed air. If so, shipments will then be treated as Dangerous Goods and will require additional documentation and certification by shipper. Shipments of paintball markers/air pistols require inspection by the Puerto Rico Police Department. Yes No No
Republic of Korea Yes Shipments must not contain nitro or compressed air. If so, shipments will then be treated as Dangerous Goods and will require additional documentation and certification by shipper. No No No
Romania Yes Any air/gas-powered weapon that shoots plastic projectiles only and does not exceed the velocity of 200 m/s (e.g.: airsoft guns) can be purchased by anyone who has 18+ years old without any need of registering. 

Night vision (infrared) or laser aiming devices designed for military use is completely restricted to members of the army and associated entities even if the aiming device is used on a lower-restriction category firearm (e.g. such as on an airsoft gun)

No No Yes
Russia Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >3 Joules with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
Serbia No   No No No
Slovakia Yes The use of night vision scopes is restricted No No Yes
Slovenia Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >328 FPS with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
Singapore Yes All guns banned Yes Yes No
South Africa Yes Shipments of paintball markers/air pistols require an import permit from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Yes
Import permit from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
No No
Spain Yes Guns require registration upon possession.
Laser vision and/or night visors are prohibited.
Yes No Yes
Sweden No   No No No
Switzerland Yes The importation of airsoft firearms is restricted to companies and individuals who hold weapons import licences. Private individuals can apply for a permit to import up to three firearms which is valid for six months.
Airsoft firearms may not be sold to individuals from Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey or Sri Lanka residing in Switzerland
Import permit required.
No no
Taiwan Yes Shipments are subject to inspection by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection. No No No
Thailand Yes CO2 guns restricted No No No
Turkey Yes Import permit is required. Importer must obtain approval from the Governor Police Directorate. Yes
Governor Police Directorate permit required.
No No
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Yes All airsoft products restricted Yes Yes Yes
Ukraine Yes Guns with muzzle velocity >3 Joules with 0.20g BBs restricted No No No
United Kingdom Yes Unrealistic imitation firearms (IF's) must have their principle color as transparent, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright blue, bright green, bright pink, or bright purple or have dimensions of no more than a height of 38 millimetres and a length of 70 millimetres (as defined in the Home Office regulations for the VCRA). UKARA required for non-brightly marked airsoft guns


UKARA # Required

No No
United States Yes

Guns must be sold, shipped, and/or transported with orange tip. Additional markings and restrictions vary by city and/or state

  • California requires SB199 compliant markings.
  • New York, and all respective boroughs, requires at a minimum that all realistic toy or imitation firearms be made of clear or brightly colored plastics & permit is required to purchase.
  • Minnesota - Airsoft guns must be transported in a closed and fastened gun case (in accordance with Minnesota firearm transportation laws) and unloaded.
No No No